Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy Chocolate Day Facebook Status : Happy Chocolate Day Messages.

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First i wish you all Happy Chocolate Day. Chocolate day is celebrated on 9th February and send Happy Chocolate Day Messages for their lovers. Its is the 3rd Day after Rose Day and Propose Day of the 7 days falling before Valentines Day and people express love through Chocolate and update their Facebook status with Happy Chocolate Day Facebook Status. Chocolate are the best means to express your love and affection to towards some one.

Happy Chocolate Day Facebook Status:

  • My Darling, You Are The Rock That Withstands Bad Times. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • You Are The Most Striking Waterfall During Good Times. You Are My Friend, My Lover, And My All.Have A Delicious Chocolate Day.
  • No one falls in love by choice, it’s by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it’s by work. No one falls out of love by chance, it’s by choice Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Simply Put… Everyone Has A Price, Mine Is Chocolate! Buy Me With A Chocolate!!! Sweet Heart!!! Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Chocolates are made to share its sweetness to others along with it. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • So we make the chocolate Day, to at least one day in a year to take this opportunity. Wish U all Happy Chocolate Day.
  • When It Comes To Temptation, Nothing Packs A Punch Like Chocolate. For Centuries, Chocolate Has Been Loved By The People Of The World. Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Chocolate comes in different sizes, flavors, and shapes. No matter what they look like, the most important thing is that… Happy Chocolate Day.
  • Perfect satisfaction I get when eating them. Hmmm, can’t wait to get a bite of it again! Happy Chocolate Day!
  • I wish you will wake up today with Hershey’s on your bed. Spend lunch with Kit Kat on your table and enjoy dinner with plenty of colorful M&Ms. Happy Chocolate Day!
  • All The Magic In Your Eyes, I’ve Been Around You, A Thousand Times Before, And You’ve Always Been A Friend To Me, Happy Chocolate Day. 
  • We’ve Known Each Other, For A Long Long Time,But I Never Really Noticed. Happy Chocolate Day. 
  • Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their Souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath. Happy Chocolate Day. 
  • You are a chocolate and thus you are Sweetest, You are so Soft and thus you are my heart,You are so lovely and thus you are my dearest of dears.Happy chocolate day…… 
  • You are a lovely girl so you are my dearest. Happy chocolate day…….. 
  • If you believe in life,You must believe in heart beats,If you believe in love,You must believe in you and me.Happy chocolate day……. 
  • Enhance closeness between two people, And it’s you my dear, who fragrances my life.Happy chocolate day….. 
  • One is you and one is me. Happy chocolate day……. 
  • I always give you feeling of happiness, I never leave you alone, And I would help in your all Problems. Happy chocolate day. 
  • It would keep us close for long, With its sweet taste and flavour. Happy chocolate day…… 
Here are the best and sweet Happy Chocolate Day Messages which you can download for free and as we know chocolate day is very near and use this Chocolate day quotes to send it to your friends as in Chocolate Day Whatsapp Messages and Chocolate Day Fb Status and Chocolate Day Facebook Messages.


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